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Robert Sirois watchlala at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 15 13:36:02 UTC 2011

Thank you for the info.
I reported the issue at http://code.google.com/p/bubbletip/issues/detail?id=17.
Looks like the id thing was reported before... has something to do with a concatenation with an element id.
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 17:27:59 +0100
Subject: Re: [Seaside] JQWidgetBox Bubble Tips
From: nick.ager at gmail.com
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Hi Robert,
Quick answers with (if afraid) minimal investigation:

For some reason the tip doesn't like to appear relative to where it's set when scrolling either.
Scrolled tips work for me on Safari I haven't tried other browers. Have a look at the original version - http://www.uhleeka.com/demo/bubbletip/ - does that work after a scroll? That will isolate the problem to either the Seaside integration or the jQuery plugin. If it's jQuery plugin at fault, check to see if a later version available. Do they mention the scroll bug in their bug list? Feel free to update Query-Widgets to a later version.

Just out of curiosity, how come when I load html I need to have an id for it to work?

html jQuery this bubbletip		target: (html jQuery html: [:r | r span id: r nextId; class: 'tip'; with: 'You live here!' ]);
		deltaDirection: 'down';		animationDuration: 0;		offsetTop: -275

Without the id, it doesn't work.
I guess the id is required by bubbletip library but I'm not sure (I don't remember doing anything clever with the integration). If you want to investigate examine the html and javascript created by Seaside with a tool like firebug.

As I'm sure you've noticed there are many ways of displaying tips - http://localhost:8080/jquery-widgets/bubbletip for examples.

Also, (Nick Ager wrote this one?) suggested that Tipsy be created in the widget box... does anyone know if that happened?

I discovered tipsy after integrating bubble tip.  At the time I found tipsy it appeared to be under more active development and thought it might have been a better choice. If tipsy isn't in the JQuery-Widgets repository I doubt anyone has integrated it. Feel free to integrate it though.


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