[Seaside] Re: I have a possible solution to the puzzle at end of Chapter 12.2

Fritz Schenk intrader.intrader at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 18:20:28 UTC 2011

Lukas Renggli <renggli <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hard to tell from the context given (The code looks suspicious to
> assign multiple onAnswer: handler). The cancel button works fine as
> long as the form is not submitted multiple times, such as for
> validation. The easiest and most stable solution is to edit a copy of
> the contact and to replace it in the collection on success.
Thanks Lukas for your comment. 
Sorry you found the posting to have lack of context. I am referencing Chapter 
12.2 of Dynamic Web Development with Seaside. The end of the chapter states: 
"Our simple implementation of IAddress>>editContact: will save changes even when 
you press cancel. See Section 11.5 to understand how you can change this.".

I have coded my interpretation of what Chapter 11.5 means as follows:
editContact: aContact
    | copy |	
    copy := aContact copy.
    (editor contact: copy) onAnswer: [ :answer |
	"copy has been updated - keep update if Save"
	ifTrue: [
	    Contact removeContact: aContact; addContact: copy.
            "Problem: a reclick on Save aborts because contact is not in 
As you suggest the above code should replace the contact with the copy. I do not
yet have the proper coding for replacing the contact.

The solution suggested by Joachim uses `self handleAnswer: false`. This works. I 
am seeking comment as to the approach and validity of relying on priority of the 
cancel callback and use of #handleAnswer.

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