[Seaside] Using nginx file upload module

Diego Lont diego.lont at delware.nl
Thu Jun 16 19:26:55 UTC 2011

Hi Johan, hi Nick,

Stephan and I made an implementation based on Nick's work on the upload component. It works currently under 2.8, and there are still some small issues, but basically it works as follows:
	- There is a component, you simply put on the place you want the upload.
	- It calls uses nginx for the upload.
	- For the callback there is component, that is registered under "upload" and has implemented the initialRequest that ensures the callback is called.

The work that still needs to be done:
	- The callback is registered on the class side of the component. It is released when the component is called again and the session is expired. This does not work yet on 3.0.
	- Nick made an progress indicator, this does not work yet and the code is still included and some points
	- Nick made all java script in jquery, we made it plain javascript, since we have not upgraded our library yet. But this should be in jquery again.

I will do some work on it monday, and will try to upgrade it to 3.0. Than I will include it on the mailinglist. I already mailed the current state to Johan, but it was made during our stay at SPA (London), and I did not had tested the package I made. Also the configuration was mailed seperatedly. So Johan, I like to hear wether it worked on your side. You can Skype Stephan tomorrow and me on Monday if you want some assistance.

grtz. Diego

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