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Davorin Rusevljan davorin.rusevljan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 21:11:25 UTC 2011

Well I am certainly not a big fan of swimming against the tide, and.I do not
have much vested interest in jQuery mobile, so I am open for suggestions.

Here is the situation, about 65 to 70 % of app is classic desktop web app.
And Seaside seems to fit that part of the task like a glove.

Anyway, it would be really nice to have 30% of functionaly available from
the smartphones. (Access to the camera and location is needed)

Now I could dust off my java hat and after some effort and pain write native
android app to call in to the server. I guess if I were given unbounded time
I might as well groak objective c and iphone development for its native app.

Second idea that came to my mind was jquery mobile packaged with phonegap
for camera access, and somehow hooked with seaside backend.

If there are other routes to recommend or at least consider, I am all ears!

Davorin Rusevljan

On Jun 21, 2011 10:45 PM, "Boris Popov, DeepCove Labs" <
boris at deepcovelabs.com> wrote:

It could be done, but I get a sense that’s not how jQuery Mobile team is
envisioning things…****

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So if I am understanding right, seaside could prepare just few initial pages
to be downloadwed,...

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