[Seaside] Comparison of Aida/Web, Seaside and Iliad web frameworks

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You nailed it. We all know that Smalltalk community is small and, quite
possibly, getting smaller, whether we like it or not. The exposure that
Avi had given to Seaside resulted in a good mass of developers coming on
board and it becoming a de facto web framework for developing dynamic
and powerful applications in Smalltalk. Given the state of things today,
I would honestly much rather see competing frameworks converge on a
single path and their developers contribute to improving Seaside in
hopes of it continuing to sustain or gain traction, similar to how RoR
had pretty much taken over in Rubyland.




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Hi Janko,


What are you trying to achieve? Is the idea that we come up with some
feature comparison, add up the ticks in the supported column and declare
a winner?


I joined the Smalltalk community because of Seaside or rather because of
Avi Bryant's, Lukas's and others magical demonstrations that Seaside
offered a compellingly more productive way of developing web
applications. Some of the reason I continue to choose Seaside over other

* Component based

* State management

* DSL for Html generation

* Neat integration with Scriptaculous and now JQuery for AJAX

* #call, #answer semantics

* active, friendly and technically deep development community.


The question we should be asking ourselves is what compelling features
can we develop which will attract a set of new developers to Smalltalk,
otherwise it feels like we're bald men fighting over a comb.



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