[Seaside] How configure seaside to avoid notifications?

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Fri Jun 24 07:00:44 UTC 2011


I'm not sure if I can follow. 
If I understand right, #changeState ultimately does a Seaside #call: ?
If that is the case, #doSomething will only be executed when the component that is called returns an answer. That is because #call: is blocking control flow (by design).

If you merely want a component to show without blocking control flow, you can use #show:

An in-depth explanation can be found in the Seaside book: http://book.seaside.st/book/components/calling/show-answer

Hope this helps!

On 23 Jun 2011, at 18:40, Sebastián Perez Escribano wrote:

> Hi list, I'm using seaside 2.8 and VW 7.6. In my model I have this:
>    ...
>    self changeState.
>    self doSomething.
>    ...
> I have some seaside components to view changes over my model (using comet) and refresh when it is necesary. For instace in #changeState the model change and the component which is viewing must call another. But never executes #doSomething because a Notificacion was raised on the call. So, how can I configure seaside to continue executing before the call?
> Thanks!
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