[Seaside] WebTester Locator Argument Accessor

Avi Shefi avishefi at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 10:39:28 UTC 2011

Sounds like this solution will make most browsers hang.. Why not use a
setTimeout ?
Reading your question, it's clear that the reason you use waitForCondition
in the first place is to detect the existence of an element. So why doesn't
waitForCondition suffice? In the case you want to cascade the assertions,
you can just do a waitForCondition that combines both assertions (checking
that an element exists, and also checking its value).


On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 12:03 PM, Andrei Vasile Chis <
chisvasileandrei at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Joel,
> A very simple way (and perhaps not the best way) in which you could obtain
>  just a delay is to simply execute a time - comparison loop. You don't have
> to execute it inside a waitForCondition block. For example you could
> extend WebTester with the following methods and then in your test just call
> "self webTester pause: 10000" and then verify your condition using the
> WtWebTester api.
> WtWebTester>>getEval: aScript
> self subclassResponsibility
> WtWebTester>>pause: waitTimeInMillis
>        self subclassResponsibility
> WtSeleniumWebTester >>getEval: aScript
>  ^ self processCommand: 'getEval' withParams: (Array with: aScript).
> WtSeleniumWebTester >>pause: waitTimeInMillis
>  self getEval: 'var date = new Date(); var curDate = null;  while (curDate
> = new Date() - date < ', waitTimeInMillis asString, '){} '.
> My 2cents
> Andrei
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