[Seaside] Seaside305 in Squeak 4.2

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Mon Mar 7 10:42:45 UTC 2011

>I installed Seaside 305 in Squeak 4.2.  However, when I go to the
>seaside control panel to start a server, the server doesn't turn on,
>with no error messages.

Did you try manually, for instance:

WAComancheAdaptor startOn: 8080.
adapter := WAComancheAdaptor default.
adapter codec: (GRCodec forEncoding: 'utf-8').
adapter isRunning

Any specific reason you use Squeak? Otherwise try Pharo
- this would ease development a little bit since it is the
Seaside reference platform and the OB tooling support 
is therefore focused on the Pharo distro.


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