[Seaside] Seaside305 in Squeak 4.2

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Mon Mar 7 21:26:53 UTC 2011

Original discussion on seaside list (now cc'ing Pharo list too)

Phillipe wrote on seaside list:
>In general we use the OmniBrowser from [1], but it has issues in Pharo
>1.2 as well :-(

AFAIK these issues have been addressed and there is a Pharo specific OB version which is now hosted at squeaksource.com/PharoOB.html 
It is also used to build Pharo 1.2 already.

For details ask Guillermo Polito or on Pharo-dev list.

Lukas wrote:
>I have a nicely working version of OB with RB, Shout and eCompletion
>for Pharo 1.2. Just add <http://source.lukas-renggli.ch/pharo12

So you forked again and I wonder why?


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