[Seaside] Tasks, Components, Magritte and Style

Daniel Lyons fusion at storytotell.org
Thu Mar 10 01:08:00 UTC 2011


On Mar 9, 2011, at 4:40 AM, Nick Ager wrote:

> I might be misunderstanding your question, but can't you wrap up your
> WATask within a WAComponent?

I'm not quite sure how to do that. I see how to delegate a callback to a task, or embed components within other components. But that may actually be sufficient, or I could do something like look at the session for a logged in user to decide whether to show the logged in view or the login page, I guess.

> WAWelcome could serve as a template.

Thanks! I'm reading the code now. I should have thought to look there first. If I still can't figure it out, hopefully I'll figure out how to word what I'm asking.

Daniel Lyons

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