[Seaside] Strategies for bulky renders/updates

radoslav hodnicak rh at 4096.sk
Sun Mar 13 02:21:03 UTC 2011

I've been using seaside with jquery to create quite interactive
interfaces, using the simplest approach of "everything has its own
callback". This works well if the dataset you're working with is
small, but I'm now venturing into territories where it takes seconds
to receive+render a page, which isn't acceptable.

For an example of what I'm talking about imagine a page showing a list
of emails. Every line (email) has a clickable sender, subject, date,
and a bunch of more actions and icons etc. If you're creating
anchors/click actions for each field separately, that's easily
hundreds or thousands of callbacks per page, each needing to be
generated on the server and sent over the wire. So clearly I need to
instead write client side javascript that will figure out what the
user clicked and do a parametrized request. Which I can do, but I'm
wondering if someone has figured out a clever way how to map the
information on the page to smalltalk objects on the server (other than
using callback registry). Same goes for bulk actions involving
multiple items ("delete selected" and the like).


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