[Seaside] rack/wsgi/ring for smalltalk

Sean Allen sean at monkeysnatchbanana.com
Sun Mar 27 17:13:39 UTC 2011

Is there a smalltalk equivalent for rack/wsgi/ring etc out there?

I have an idea I'm going to play with that would be best served by
building on something like rack.
If there isn't one already, I'll implement one first and then move on
to the idea that builds on it.
If there is one, I'd rather see if it meets my needs and use it.

Any pointers to anything appreciated.

For  anyone not familiar with rack et al:

They are basically' middleware' layers providing a standard interface
between webservers and applications.
Middleware is a little deceptive... a better description might be that
it is an interface that allows you to
hook into between a webserver and other end points by either hooking
up an application or middleware
( authentication, file serving ) that can be composed together as part
of a specific application.


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