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Hi the seaside admistrator app  has a tool to upload a mcz with a new version and save the image or you can update a package from a monticello repository via RFB or Screen shot tools. 

Whe you talk about change, how long are that changes. ? Is The new model incompatibe with the older.?

Remember when you change the class structure, the compiler make the changes for all instances.

But that not enogh. You can persist the data in a chunck and recover late.

Sorry for my english.
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Hi guys,

I'm about to release my first real world Seaside app but I'm a bit 

How do you update your code and deal with model changes ?

My first guess would be "upload an mcz file in a folder and load it from 
the image (on a regular basis or by manually triggering an action in the 
admin section of my web application)."

Do you have any other way to do it ? How do handle big changes in your 
models ? Do you use some sort of migration ?

An other problem for me is how do you deal with multiple environments ? 
I'm used to have a development, a staging and a production environment. 
In dev for example, I want to use S3 in staging and prod but not in dev. 
Is there any convention/approach in this field ?

I use migrations, Vlad the deployer and Rails.env everyday in ruby/rails 
and I wonder how to tackle them in Smalltalk/Seaside...


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