[Seaside] Jquery dialog open vs. Chrome

Thierry Thelliez thierry.thelliez.tech at gmail.com
Tue May 10 04:10:56 UTC 2011


While creating a dialog with JQuery, I found that the following code
works with FF, but not with Chrome. Under the later, nothing happens
when clicking the 'Test' link.

html div
      	id: (id := html nextId);
      	script: (html jQuery new dialog
         		html: aComponent;
         		title: 'Title';
		height: 200;
		width: 400;
         		resizable: false;
         		modal: true).
html anchor
      	onClick: (( html jQuery id: id) dialog open);
              with: 'Test'.

If I replace the anchor with a submitButton, the dialog works fine in
the two browsers. Adding a fake url like 'url: '#'' did not help (it
did help getting the right cursor type).

Any suggestions?

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