[Seaside] Page Load Time

Runar Jordahl runar.jordahl at gmail.com
Fri May 13 22:01:48 UTC 2011

Below are the results for load time of Google’s home page and my
simple “Hello World” application:

Google home page
10 requests  ❘  20.01KB transferred  ❘  371ms (onload: 314ms,
DOMContentLoaded: 123ms)

Seaside “Hello World” application
2 requests  ❘  4.86KB transferred  ❘  1.03s (onload: 1.05s,
DOMContentLoaded: 1.05s)

I used Google Chrome to measure the results.

My “Hello World” application simply displays “Hello World” as H1,
nothing more. I use the default Seaside setup, with a the browser
running locally.

I run Pharo 1.2.1 and Seaside on a powerful (8 GB Ram, SSD
disk, Intel i5 661 CPU) Windows 7 64 bit box.

Google’s page is minimalistic; a typical page uses a few seconds to
load. Still, wouldn’t you expect the minimum load time to be far less
than 1 second?

I perfectly well understand that minimum load time does not say
anything about the load time for a more complex page.

Kind regards

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