[Seaside] ESUG SummerTalk - Fuel, binary object serializer

Runar Jordahl runar.jordahl at gmail.com
Wed May 25 07:55:47 UTC 2011

Interesting project. There are so many uses for object serializers.
Personally I am looking at storing objects in NoSQL databases, and
serializing them is an option that will work in a lot of cases. Using
a serializer for copying objects is also useful.

Does Fuel support “cutting off” instance variables, like SIXX’s
Object>>sixxIgnorableInstVarNames ?

I always thought SIXX
(http://www.mars.dti.ne.jp/~umejava/smalltalk/sixx/index.html ) was
state-of-the-art in this field. It seems to have many features, and it
is supported on many dialects.  Are your ideas so great that it really
makes sense to create yet another serializer? Wouldn’t improving SIXX
be better?


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