[Seaside] Re: Handling errors - staging/production

Francois Stephany tulipe.moutarde at gmail.com
Tue May 31 08:56:28 UTC 2011

> first (optimist case) a custom error handler clones the walkback of the
> exception and redirects the app to a custom error page (a tiny little
> very simple seaside app.) So, this page gives the user the option to
> write us about what was she doing or just click on "login again." In
> either case, the walkback reach us printed in an email along with the
> user who had the problem so we can provide support or notify her about
> an upgrade that had fixed the issue.

Interesting !
I dont need such a level of feedback from the user but the process seems 

> second, if things goes really bad, it falls back to a simple page saying
> that some less gentle error happened :)

What do you mean with 'goes really bad' ? I guess it means that your 
image is not responding anymore ?

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