[Seaside] image or binary in WAFile

Renaud Vilain rvilain at skynet.be
Sun Nov 20 15:41:09 UTC 2011


Hi Nick,


Thank you for your answer.


I know thoses links and  they don't help me.



So i'm going to explain my project.


At first, I take files with the fileupload function, files could be txt,
jpg, pdf. I receive WAFile  ( perfect, no problem)

In a second time, I've got to backup the state of the system using an xml
file. I don't specially need to export datas, my files could stay on the

My problem is that, later, when I need to import a backup, I've got to
rebuild a WAFile for each files.


So I would like to create a WAFile from a file who is already on the server.



Greeting J




>HI Renaud
>>  I'm trying to put an image or a binary file (pdf, doc,..), stored on the
>> server, into a WAFile. Could you help me please
>Can you be a little more precise about the problem you having.
>Try bringing up references to WAFile (shift+cmd+n) to give you a few
>examples to get you started.
>Perhaps also the file upload example
>Or perhaps file libraries may be of use:


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