[Seaside] JQFullCalendar from package JQWidgetBox

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 17:45:32 UTC 2011

On 11-11-21 08:12 AM, Brian Murphy-Dye wrote:
> JQFullCalendar>>collectionOfEvents: passes only at creation time and 
> >>eventsJsonRest: says to use >>eventsJsonGet:, but that method 
> doesn't exist. Any help will be much appreciated! Brian.

Hmm.  Thats my fault. Sorry about that.  I wiped it out some time ago.

I uploaded a new version of the FullCalendar package that contains the 

Name: JQWidgetBox-FullCalendar-Core-PaulDeBruicker.29
Author: PaulDeBruicker
Time: 21 November 2011, 9:41:01.688 am
UUID: b9b511b3-b780-4a11-a734-26472863d853
Ancestors: JQWidgetBox-FullCalendar-Core-PaulDeBruicker.28

somewhere along the line I wiped out JQFullCalendar>>#eventsJsonGet:

I have added it back in this version of the package.

To use it call eventsJsonGet: with a two argument callback when you 
initialize your calendar  e.g:

renderCalendar: html
     html div
         id: self calendarDivName;
                 (html jQuery this fullCalendar
                         ignoreTimeZone: true;
                         selectable: self select;
                         allDaySlot: false;
                         selectHelper: self select;
                         defaultView: defaultView;
                         weekMode: 'liquid';
                         unselectCancel: '.event-editor';
                         year: self session calendarDisplayDate year;
                         month: self session calendarDisplayDate month - 1;
                         date: self session calendarDisplayDate dayOfMonth;
                         eventsJsonGet: [ :start :end | self 
getEventsFrom: start to: end with: html ];
                         header: self header;
                                 (html jQuery ajax
                                         callback: [ :anEventId | self 
setEventToEdit: anEventId ] json: (JSStream on: 'calEvent.id');
                                         script: [ :s |
                                                     s << (s jQuery id: 
'eE') dialog open.
                                                     s << (s jQuery id: 
'ee') replaceWith: [ :h | h render: eventEditor ] ]);
                                 (html jQuery ajax
                                         callback: [ :newEventData | 
self setEventToCreate: newEventData ]
                                             json: (JSStream on: 'new 
                                         script: [ :s |
                                                     s << (s jQuery id: 
'eE') dialog open.
                                                     s << (s jQuery id: 
'ee') replaceWith: [ :h | h render: eventEditor ] ]))

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