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Why doesn't "s refresh" just do it for you?



self goto: self renderContext actionUrl




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You are doing almost the same as I am currently, but without the logout.
I love the announcement framework BTW :). What I'm trying to do beyond
that is to refresh a part of my overall page - the whole page would be
fine too. I'm currently investigating a re-direct: something like


self  requestContext redirectTo:  request  url.


where request was saved from an >>initialRequest: callback. This seems
like the kind of thing that ought to do it, but 'request url' is empty. 





Ted Wrinch


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Could this highlighted bit be what you're looking for?

(html anchor)

onClick: ((html jQuery ajax)


                                                               [:s |

session announce: RequestingLogout.


               with: 'Log out'



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