[Seaside] Scriptaculous vs jQuery

John McKeon p3anoman at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 12:49:01 UTC 2011

Hi Malte,

One thing you can try is change the load order of the libraries. No idea if
it will work.

On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 10:10 AM, Malte Grunwald <
malte.grunwald at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hey everybody,
> i have several  problems, first which ibraries do i need?
>  At the moment i use JQDevelopmentLibrary, JQUiDevelopmentLibrary,
> PTDevelopmentLibrary
> and the SUDevelopmentLibrary. Do i need other libraries?
> 2. i would like to use  scriptaculous and jQuery in one component, is that
> possible? Because when i use
> the libraries as i wrote above only the scriptaculous framework works. I
> read something in the jQuery documentation
> about:  $.noConflict() i added it as script into my div container, but it s
> still not working.
> 3. How does a jQuery ajax update request work?i tried this:
> onClick: ((html jQuery ajax load)
>                            id: 'choiceDiv';
>                            callback:  [:r | self renderInputsRoof: r]);
>                value: 'roofvalues'.

I think you want onClick: ((html jQuery id: 'choiceDiv) load: or html: [ :r
| etc etc


> My ajax requests with scriptaculous are working without any problems.
> Has anybody an idea what i do wrong, or give me a hint, what i can do
> better?
> Thank you.
> Kind regards
> Malte
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