[Seaside] Re: loading the latest into the glass appliance

Charles Monteiro charles at nycsmalltalk.org
Fri Oct 7 17:07:45 UTC 2011

Dale Henrichs <dhenrich <at> vmware.com> writes:

> To use 3.0.6 in a GLASS appliance, you follow the instructions described by 
James Foster here[1] and here[2].
> If you are starting from scratch, then I would think you'd be better off doing 
your own install. There are a
> number of different installation instructions detailed here[6]. I've had good 
luck following Ramon
> Leon's instructions[3] while using a thoughtpolice vm[5].

thanks for the links.

So my first crack is doing the glass appliance.

If i like, then I was going to set up GS on a CentOS box.

Use Pharo 1.3 with GemTools loaded and Seaside 3.0.6

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