[Seaside] Q on "html select" and how to get selected item in an Ajax callback

Bob Arning arning at charm.net
Thu Oct 13 14:16:12 UTC 2011

We had a very similar question on 28-29 Sept (see "Using the select 
tag"). The end result was something like:

(html select)
     list: self genders;
     selected: self contact gender;
     enabled: [:ea | ea notNil];
     labels: [:ea | ea ifNil: ['---'] ifNotNil: [ea printableVersion]];
     callback: [:value | self contact gender: value].


On 10/13/11 10:03 AM, squeakman wrote:
> Hello All,
> Is there a way to get the selectedItem when the Ajax callback is 
> triggered in an html select?
> The following code snippet works for me but I think there must be a 
> better way.
> (html select)
>   id: 'stocksList';
>   list: self listOfStocks;
>   onClick: (html scriptaculous request
>               callback: [:i |self selectedStockIndex: i asNumber + 1.]
>               value: self jsForGetSelectedIndex).
> Note that I am using the call:value: method.
> The "self jsForGetSelectedIndex" returns the javascript code that gets 
> the selected index.
> In the callback: I use this returned value to figure out which item 
> was selected.
> Is there a better way to do this?
> Thanks,
> Frank
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