[Seaside] UTF8TextConverter, GRPharoUtf8Codec, GRPharoUtf8CodecStream against GRNullCodec

Marten Feldtmann itlists at schrievkrom.de
Thu Oct 13 16:12:33 UTC 2011


I have a question about what all these classes do (in a big picture) and 
how they work together and when they are actually called. I looked into 
the source code, but I am still having problems of fully understanding.

When I have an Adapter with GRNullCodec I assume, that all (?) traffic, 
content (?) goes through the GRNullCodec, but due to the fact, that 
GRNullCodec does nothing, the traffic/content is not changed.

What exactly goes through these codec ?

If I use an adapter with GRPharoUtf8Codec is then the content converted 
to/from UTF8 ????

What does this mean to strings (in my application) I render on my pages 
like in the following command:

html text: stringInSomeCodePage

in both cases GRNullCodec and GRPharoUtf8Codec and with texts in 
specific code pages like Utf8, Latin1 and "true" Unicode (Utf32).

In my firsts demos I held all my strings in UTF8 and used the 
GRNullCodec (and everything is ok in the browser side).

Then I changed to GRPharoUtf8Codec and it seems to me, that I got now an 
additional UTF8 conversion. Then I switched my application strings back 
to Latin1 and it was ok again.

How does this all work with Unicode characters with code points > 255 
(and usage of GRPharoUtf8Codec) (in Squeak: WideString)?

When is a GRPharoUtf8Codec really needed ??

Perhaps this is a stupid question .... but then I would like to know it :-))

Thanks for answering !


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