[Seaside] jquery serialization question

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 14:35:42 UTC 2011

> I'm trying to serialize a form containing a single testArea when the
> submit button is clicked. I have an onClick handler for the submit
> button that does this:
> (html jQuery ajax serializeForm
>                                                onSuccess:
>                                                        (html jQuery ajax
>                                                                script: [ :s |
>                                                                        s add: ((html jQuery: #postStatusTextArea) value: '').
>                                                                        s add: ((html jQuery: #activityStream) prepend:
> (CBActivityComponent post: self session user posts first)) ]) );

- There is a cascade semicolon missing after #serializeForm, but it
probably doesn't matter much.

- You likely want to return false to the click handler, otherwise a
full submit will be triggered. You can do this by adding

      (html jQuery ajax
          onSuccess: ...;
          return: false)

> If I execute this by clicking the button the callback for the textArea
> gets invoked twice most of the time (though not every time).

If the AJAX call is faster you get the AJAX submit, then a full submit.

If the full submit is faster, the AJAX call is cancelled by the
browser and you get only one submit.


Lukas Renggli

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