[Seaside] Re: JQueryMobile initial release

Nick Ager nick.ager at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 16:31:33 UTC 2011

Hi Rolf,

Your message is very timely as I've just uploaded a new version which
should fix many of your concerns - see

I'll answer your questions inline:

I read people are having problems with flickering in JQM. I had some
> problems with that myself and this is what I found out.
> - flickering can occur when using the same #id more than once in a page,
> which is not unlinkely when you are using the one page template method. so
> be sure to not use #id's more than once.

The auto generated #ids on the latest version are session unique rather
than page unique.
I'd be interested to learn if this fixes the flickering problem.

> I also have a small problem, can't seem to get an onclick on a checkbox
> working.
> If I tie an onClick event to the checkbox it does turn up on the actual
> checkbox element in the html.
> But as JQM hides this you cannot click it. You click a div instead, which
> is
> not connected to the JQM code, so clicking the checkbox(div) has no effect.
> Is this something you did not implement yet? Or am I doing something else
> wrong?

The original version didn't include scripting support. The new version does
and should wire-up events correctly. Have a look at the samples on the test

> I'm kind of new to smalltalk so that could also be the reason for not
> understanding this ;)

Welcome and I hope the new version fixes your issues,

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