[Seaside] Strange little Seaside Pharo bug

Lawrence Kellogg mac.hive at me.com
Wed Oct 26 21:02:43 UTC 2011

  So, I've been saving images in Pharo, with Seaside, so that I could bring them back up again. 
Now, when I try to bring up one of the images, I see all of the windows as they last 
appeared, for about three seconds, before they all disappear. I can't find 
any of the project code I have loaded, it is like having a base Pharo image. 

  I'm running Pharo on my Amazon EC2 instance, which was working fine last week. 
I changed the GemStone.sh file to point to one of the new images. 

  Has anybody see anything like this happen before? I'm stumped. 



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