[Seaside] Dojo In Seaside Problem with Select List

Randy Nelson randy.nelson at fiserv.com
Thu Sep 1 11:58:38 UTC 2011

I'm fairly new to Seaside, Dojo, etc... I'm posting this on both Dojo and this
forum because I don't know where my problem is...anyway, I'm having trouble 
getting the selected value from a list.
renderContentOn: html
    html div
        class: 'MyPanel';
        with: [
	    html select 
	    id: 'dailyDates';
	    list: (self dates);
	    selected: (self currentDailyDate);
	    callback: [ :value |
	        self currentDailyDate: value ];
            onChange: (
		(html jQuery ajax) 
                    script: [ :s | 
s add: (JSStream new nextPutAll: ('var dateList = dijit.byId("dailyDates");
alert( dateList );'); yourself).
 ] )
I always get an alert with "undefined" in it. For sanity, (that's 
questionable....), I've tried just setting var dateList = 5 and then my alert 
displays "5" as expected. For now, I'm not worried about not trying to get the 
selected value - I can't seem to find the component...any ideas? Thanks

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