[Seaside] Broken code in latest Seaside. JQLoad does not support 'success'

John Toohey jt at parspro.com
Fri Sep 9 16:03:39 UTC 2011


I have the following in one of my apps :-

	html div class: self cssClass; with:[
		html table
			id: self tableID;
			script: (html jQuery this
				bind: 'julietrefresh'  do: (html jQuery this load html: [:h |
self renderTable: h];
				onSuccess: (html jQuery this call: self refreshScript)
				self renderTable: html

I've just installed the latest SS into a 1.3 image, but this code
break. The debugger reports that JQLoad does not support the option
'success'. Does anyone know how this code should be rewritten to
support the latest build?


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