[Seaside] OnClick on an "html select" not working for me in Seaside 3.0

Squeaker squeakman at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 00:50:29 UTC 2011


I am attempting to display a list and trigger a callback onClick when 
the user clicks on an item in the list.

The list is displayed correctly and when the user clicks an item I get a 
debugger saying:

'This block expects 0 argument(s) but is invoked with 1 argument(s)'

I had similar code to this working in Seaside 2.8 but it is failing in 
Seaside 3.0.

renderContentOn: html
     | listToDisplay |

     listToDisplay := OrderedCollection new.
     listToDisplay add: 'AAPL'; add: 'INTC'; add: 'GOOG'.

     (html div)
         id: 'passedPanel';
                 [(html div)
                     id: 'passed';
                           [(html select)
                             id: 'passedList';
                             list: listToDisplay;
                             selected: (listToDisplay at: 1);
                             onClick: ((html scriptaculous updater)
                                       id: 'foo';
                                       triggerFormElement: 'passedList';
                                       callback: [self openStock])].

          		"this div is a dummy div for the click  to work  			  - its 
a kludge"
                         html div id: 'foo'.

Any help would be appreciated.


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