[Seaside] turning off the toolbar

Larry White ljw1001 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 14:14:33 UTC 2011

I want to test my app with the toolbar removed. I found several suggestions
for doing this in the documentation that seem to be out of date. For
example, from Dynamic Web Development with Seaside, I see:

Alternatively you can use the configuration interface: In the configuration
of any application select *Application Defaults* and click on *Configure*.
This opens an editor on the settings that are common to all registered
applications. Remove WADevelopmentConfiguration from the list of inherited

However, there is no "application defaults" button on my config page.

Also I saw this suggestion, from the Seaside How To:

How do I remove the tool bar?

Set the value of "Deployment Mode" to true using the dispatcher editor in
the application configuration. This can be also done programatically in the
#initialize method of the application’s root component.

    | app |
    app := self registerAsApplication: 'app-name'.
    app preferenceAt: #deploymentMode put: true

When I do that, I get an error saying that the key #deploymentMode was not

The seaside book contains another approach, to execute:

WAAdmin applicationDefaults
    removeParent: WADevelopmentConfiguration instance.

But I hesitate to do that one, since there's no instruction provided on how
to un-do it later.

Is there an easy way to do this so that the toolbar can be easily restored

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