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Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 14:45:28 UTC 2011

I will fix it tonight in the book. Thanks for reporting.


On 16 September 2011 16:14, Larry White <ljw1001 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to test my app with the toolbar removed. I found several suggestions
> for doing this in the documentation that seem to be out of date. For
> example, from Dynamic Web Development with Seaside, I see:
> Alternatively you can use the configuration interface: In the configuration
> of any application select Application Defaults and click on Configure. This
> opens an editor on the settings that are common to all registered
> applications. Remove WADevelopmentConfiguration from the list of inherited
> configurations.easide,
> However, there is no "application defaults" button on my config page.
> Also I saw this suggestion, from the Seaside How To:
> How do I remove the tool bar?
> Set the value of "Deployment Mode" to true using the dispatcher editor in
> the application configuration. This can be also done programatically in
> the #initialize method of the application’s root component.
> initialize
>     | app |
>     app := self registerAsApplication: 'app-name'.
>     app preferenceAt: #deploymentMode put: true
> When I do that, I get an error saying that the key #deploymentMode was not
> found.
> The seaside book contains another approach, to execute:
> WAAdmin applicationDefaults
>     removeParent: WADevelopmentConfiguration instance.
> But I hesitate to do that one, since there's no instruction provided on how
> to un-do it later.
> Is there an easy way to do this so that the toolbar can be easily restored
> later?
> thanks.
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Lukas Renggli

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