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Ted Wrinch ted.wrinch at gmail.com
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I use JQuery Validate: http://docs.jquery.com/Plugins/validation. I've hooked into the Squeak pragma framework, rather than Magritte, to specify the validations that are required at the field level on my model (I couldn't use Magritte because I do lot's of other things than validation). JQV is very easy to use, stable (copyright is from 06) and in wide use (Microsoft have droped their own client side JavaScript validation framework in favour of JQV in their latest ASP.Net release). I still need to get server side validation working (maybe hook into Magritte) for when JavaScript is disabled in the browser. 


Ted Wrinch

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> I'm looking for a way to validate my form data.  I briefly considered
> Magritte, but get kind of frightened by the size of the framework (once
> bitten by rails, twice shy :).  Do people generally use that? Is there
> another framework that people recommend. Or does everyone roll their own?
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