[Seaside] Clean URLs in Seaside

David Buck david at simberon.com
Mon Sep 19 13:50:54 UTC 2011

What's the status of clean URLs in Seaside? I've read Ramon Leon's 
article on Clean URLs in Seaside but the approach doesn't seem to apply 
to Seaside 3.0. I've loaded Seaside-REST and although I like the pragmas 
to describe the URL pattern, I'm left with a method where I need to 
hand-code HTML inside a WARequestHandler subclass without being able to 
use the rest of the Seaside framework that assumes that we have sessions 
and HTML Canvases. I've tried Dale Henrick's heretical approach ("Making 
‘_k’ and ‘_s’ optional: A Seaside Heresy?") but that doesn't work in 
Seaside 3.0.

Ideally, I would like the following.

My web application can work in "Window shopping mode" or "Logged in mode".

When window shopping, no state information is needed and the web site is 
navigable without _s or _k parameters either in the URLs or in cookies. 
All pages are bookmarkable and search engine indexable allowing anyone 
with the URL to navigate to the page.

In Logged In Mode, additional options become available in the web pages. 
Users can now do things like add to their carts, sort pages by various 
criteria, add comments, etc. In this mode, the URLs start with the same 
string as in window shopping mode but afterward, _s or _k parameters may 
be added (or _s stored in cookies). I want the same web components with 
the same code to handle both logged in and window shopping modes with 
tests like:

self isLoggedIn ifTrue: [
self renderShoppingCartOn: html].

Is this possible? Is there a standard way to do this? I'd like to use 
Seaside-REST but with just a WAHandler I have no easy way to render 
standard Seaside web pages that assume that you have a session and 
subclass from WAComponent.

David Buck

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