[Seaside] Seaside elements vs. HTML5 spec

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 05:15:26 UTC 2011

2011/9/25 David Buck <david at simberon.com>:
> The HTML5 spec is still changing and it's hard to keep up with the latest
> changes.  Since I'm developing a Seaside course, I decided to go through the
> current HTML5 spec (Editor's Draft 23 September 2011) and compare what
> element tags are available in that spec versus the tags we support in
> Seaside

Thanks for the effort and sharing.

> (Seaside 3.0 - 8 released with VW7.8).

I don't know which Seaside version this is based on but the situation
in Seaside 3.0.6 is a bit different (see below). Most of the changes
probably come from Seaside 3.0.4.

> In general, Seaside has
> quite good support for HTML5.  Here are the differences I've found:
> Note:  I'm simply offering this list as information for anyone interested.
>  I needed to research this for the course and thought it would be good to
> share the results.
> The following tags are inconsistent between Seaside and the current version
> of HTML5
>   mark   (already reported)
> Tags in HTML5 not supported by Seaside (some of these are poor style and
> should use newer tags but are still supported in HTML):
>   hgroup

#headingGroup there but missing tests

>   figcaption


>   s
>   i (should use emphasis)
>   b (should use strong)
>   u (shouldn't really use at all)

All of these are deprecated in HTML 4 in favor of CSS and intentionally missing.

>   bdi

#bidirectional, there but missing tests, should probably be #biDirectional.

>   bdo

missing indeed

>   wbr

#lineBreakOpportunity, there but missing tests

>   embed

#embed there but missing tests

>   audio (interestingly, a WAAudioTag class exists with no call from the
> canvas)

#audio, even has tests

>   track

missing indeed

>   map (WAImageMapTag class uses an anchor tag)

missing indeed

>   area

missing indeed

>   output

We have a WAOutputTag but it's never used :-(

>   summary

missing indeed

> The following tags are supported by Seaside but aren't in the current HTML5
> spec (no problem keeping them for backward compatibility but perhaps they
> should be marked as deprecated):
>   rubyBase
>   rubyBaseContainer
>   rubyTextContainer

Indeed, they seem to be replaced by rt and rp

>   datagrid

funny, yes missing

>   acronym

"deprecated" but still in HTML 4, therefore likely to stay

>   dialog


>   teletype

"deprecated" but still in HTML 4, therefore likely to stay


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