[Seaside] Using the select tag

Olivier Auverlot olivier.auverlot at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 07:33:43 UTC 2011


I need to use a drop-down menu in a seaside application. In the examples 
that I have found, the displayed values are initialized with #list:

html  select
	list:  #(#Male  #Female);
	selected:  self  contact  gender;
	callback:  [  :value  |
		value  =  #Male
		ifTrue:  [  self  contact  beMale  ]
		ifFalse:  [  self  contact  beFemale  ]  ].

In the browser, I get this HTML code :

<select  name="3"><option  value="1"selected="selected">Male</option><option  value="2">Female</option></select>

My problem is how to set the values for each <option> tag ? I would get 
something like :

<select  name="3"><option  value="ML"selected="selected">Male</option><option  value="FML">Female</option></select>

Thanks for your help.

Best regards
Olivier ;-)

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