[Seaside] Weird back button problem

Lawrence Kellogg mac.hive at me.com
Thu Apr 5 21:10:01 UTC 2012

  I noticed a weird issue with rendering the Back button. If I have 

renderBackButtonOn: html
	html break.
	html cancelButton
		class: 'btn';
		callback: [ self back ];
		value: 'Back'.
	html break

and this:

	self answer: false

and then this:

		form: [ 
			self renderBackButtonOn: html.

			self resources do: [: each | html render: each].
			self renderBackButtonOn: html].

I often see the case where the first rendering of the Back button works correctly, but the last render does not work. I press the button and nothing happens. Any idea what is going on here? 


  Larry Kellogg

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