[Seaside] jQuery equivalent of html scriptaculous updater

Gastón Dall' Oglio gaston.dalloglio at gmail.com
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El 12 de abril de 2012 13:29, Louis LaBrunda
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> Hi Gastón,

Hi Louis,

> >I never use Scriptaculous, but maybe something like this:
> >http://demo.seaside.st/javascript/jquery/repeatedajaxcalls
> >This example used the #JQLoad class.
Thanks for the post, I will take a look.  I used the scriptaculous updater
> a few years ago.  Now, because scriptaculous and jQuery don't play nice
> together and scriptaculous isn't as popular as jQuery, I would like to move
> to jQuery.
> The way I'm using scriptaculous updater is not an automatic update but one
> where row or items are added to a table on a button click.  An Ajax call is
> made to the server so the server knows what's going on and returns the row.

Oh yes, I gave you this for quick reference, but for do an ajax call and
dom manipulation with the response you can do something like this:

Then, when the click is perform in the button an ajax call is do, and this
block is evaluate in the server, where you add (#<<) code to a script
(parameter s), in example to add/append/prepend html in some node (#logger)
of dom:
[ :s | s << (s jQuery: #logger) ... ])

Maybe scriptaculous updater does something more specific, in this case I'm
sure jQuery have an more direct equivalent, I don't know.
Hope you help.


> This works very well but I would like to find the jQuery equivalent.
> Lou
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