[Seaside] Call application with parameter

dtrussardi at tiscali.it dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Tue Apr 17 17:09:51 UTC 2012


	i have a 	WAComponent	subclass 	 DisplayArticoli  	register as   'articoliOnLine' .

	The application implement some traditional anchor and some AJAX element.

	The goal of this application is rendering all the items of one specific shop.

	I' have some shops:	shopA,  shopB, shopC
	When from browser i request it i'm interested to pass  a parameter with a specific shop name.
	For example:


	So when a new session is open a specific shop reference is set.
	What is the best implementation to do it ?

	I do some test: 	

			for now i change the	 	WASession		 handleFiltered: aRequestContext.
		If in the 		aRequestContext request  fields	 i found the _shop parameter

			 i set  the shop reference in the	 WASession shop instance to the relative value.

	In DisplayArticoli	 renderContentOn:  	method 	 i had:
		html document addLoadScript: (html jQuery ajaxSetup
      		  onError: (html javascript
      		      alert: 'The session has expired. ';
				goto:  'http://www.test.com:9090/articoliOnLine?_shop=shopA' ))

	this redirect the browser when a ajax request trigger a  error  ( after a expired session for example )	and work fine.

	The problem is relative to the anchor  event when the session is expired because the default 

	"The session key has expired, redirect the request to the home directory preserving the path as good as possible."

	lose the path 	_shop=shopA		parameter.

	Is my test in the right direction or i wrong ?

	Any considerations is welcome.



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