[Seaside] Dynamic Web Development with Seaside, Monticello

blake dsblakewatson at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 17:27:08 UTC 2012

>From the book:

Make sure this new repository is highlighted and select add to
package... from the repository pane context menu. Select the
WebCounter package from the resulting menu.
Curiously, the WebCounter package doesn't appear.

It's been a while since I've used Monticello, but I do have a
category, WebCounter,

I've been following along with the book to this point. Created the
WebCounter app. I've run it. When I got to this point, the WebCounter
didn't appear where it should. I "save and quit"-ed out of Smalltalk
and tried again, still not there. So I went back to the Browser and
WebCounter is still there but it's empty. I say to remove empty
categories and, sure enough it removes WebBrowser.

Most bizarre. I can see all the code in my changes file. I can also
see removeSelector calls at the end.

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