[Seaside] How to convert a 1.4 Pharo Seaside image so that it will work with seasidehosting.st

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Wed Aug 1 13:48:28 UTC 2012


I would think that Heroku buildpacks[1] would be a good (modern) direction to go....there's a buildpack for Dart. 

Heroku uses git to deploy code to the buildpack, but since we can use git with Smalltalk[2], now, that shouldn't be a barrier.

Presumably one could set up a buildpack for Pharo or Squeak and/or Seaside ... if I weren't so busy with git/Metacello (the enabling technologies) I'd jump on the buildpacks right now ...

For awhile there it looked like CloudFoundry might be a good solution from VMware, but VMware isn't going to go into the hosting business itself ... which puts us back to searching for a hosting service ....

buildpack for Seaside might be a cool project for the camp smalltalk/seaside sprint at ESUG...

I've already adapted Lukas' builder for running squeak/pharo in travis ci[3] using git-based repos and Metacello so I can't imagine that buildpacks would involve much more than that, although I haven't looked into the details Heroku buildpacks yet ...


[1] http://blog.heroku.com/archives/2012/7/17/buildpacks/
[2] https://github.com/dalehenrich/filetree
[3] https://github.com/dalehenrich/builderCI

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| Mark Andrew wrote:
| >[snip a lot of things he tried to build an image for Seasidehosting]
| The reason is simple:
|  - Seasidehosting has a custom made VM that only allows you
|    to play in a sandbox
|    Looks like it is too hard for the seasidehosting crew to
|    run it on a new one/or customize a more recent VM
|  - Pharo image is now much newer and saved by CogVM - so it can
|    not be used and one has to look for Squeak
|  - meanhwile Seaside switched to Zinc (since Pharo did it)
|    and nobody really cares on "Seaside for Squeak"
|    that makes it hard to run a recent Seaside on Squeak
|    (Zinc loading problems ...)
| Maybe the community:
|  - is able to provide an Squeak-Seaside image that is able to
|    run on seasidehosting and that could be made available there
|  - the VM maintainers are able to help to customize a more
|    recent one to support the sandbox model of seasidehosting so
|    one can use a Pharo-Seaside image and follow recent developments
| Stef wrote:
| >pay attention seaside hosting is old and I think that it will be
| >>discontinued.
| Sad - it is/was a nice way to showcase seaside stuff
| to other people.
| http://jquerymobile.seasidehosting.st/
| http://twitterbootstrap.seasidehosting.st/
| >you could run the equivalent of seaside hosting but on your machine
| The problem: not everybody has an own machine. How can we expect
| people to use Smalltalk/Seaside if there is no possibility to
| start with small budget and grow afterwards.
| There are many other technologies out there that offer free hosting
| (in the "cloud"). It makes it even harder to choose something exotic
| like Seaside.
| Thanks
| Torsten
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