[Seaside] Re: [Metacello] What is the plan with Pharo changes?

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Sat Aug 4 00:16:05 UTC 2012


What I'd _like_ to do for Metacello and Pharo-2.0 is to make the changes against the MetacelloPreview release, which I'm managing on github. 

The MetacelloPreview is aimed at an eventual 1.0 release of Metacello (hopefully in the fall).

I would _like_ Metacello-Base to be included in the Pharo-2.0 base image, the sooner the better and I'm poised to pull the trigger on that, but the recent changes have crippled FileTree ... 

So until FileTree is functional again, I can't really do anything with Pharo-2.0...

Hacking Metacello to get it running on Pharo-2.0 doesn't help _me_ move forward.

It is likely that I will have to redo whatever hacks that are done to get it running on Pharo-2.0 to be compatible with the rest of platforms that I am supporting and doing it right takes a little more effort ...

So if you are just going to hack around to get things running on Pharo-2.0 I guess I would have to say that I don't care what you do, because the hacks don't make my job any easier.


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| I am just concerned about Pharo and it's future. I am totally in
| favor of making progress even if it breaks compatibility. I am all
| in favor of having to spend time and effort in updating projects to
| use latest Pharo changes.
| Today I faced a couple of problems with Metacello and Pier. Most
| problems were related to:
| 1) SystemChangeNotifier -> SystemAnnouncer
| 2) FileDirectory -> FileSystem
| so...after a couple of fixes, I was able to make them both to work in
| last Pharo version. So, DO NOT GO OFFTOPIC please.
| My question is, how can we make sure that we are not all trying to
| updated existing packages? I mean, I have updated Metacello (a part
| of it) and Pier. So what do we do? where do I commit without
| affecting all those not using Pharo 2.0 ? how can others take
| advantage of it?
| thanks guys.
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| Mariano
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