[Seaside] Re: [Metacello] What is the plan with Pharo changes?

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Sat Aug 4 05:31:49 UTC 2012

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| On 4 August 2012 02:16, Dale Henrichs <dhenrich at vmware.com> wrote:
| > Mariano,
| >
| > What I'd _like_ to do for Metacello and Pharo-2.0 is to make the
| > changes against the MetacelloPreview release, which I'm managing
| > on github.
| >
| > The MetacelloPreview is aimed at an eventual 1.0 release of
| > Metacello (hopefully in the fall).
| >
| > I would _like_ Metacello-Base to be included in the Pharo-2.0 base
| > image, the sooner the better and I'm poised to pull the trigger on
| > that, but the recent changes have crippled FileTree ...
| >
| yeah.. we talking about it all the time "how good it would be to have
| metacello preloaded in image" :)
| > So until FileTree is functional again, I can't really do anything
| > with Pharo-2.0...
| >
| > Hacking Metacello to get it running on Pharo-2.0 doesn't help _me_
| > move forward.
| >
| You can tell  how they could help, so they will (if they will still
| want), leaving less work for you :) Of course, if you need help or
| can
| see where it can be useful.
| But i know it is hard to coordinate & organize activities.. sometimes
| harder than doing everything alone. :)

The bigger problem is that I have to have a code base that runs on multiple platforms while being maintainable, so a "port" to Pharo-2.0 is only a starting point. In the case of FileTree, which is the real bottleneck there's a lot code that is written against the FileDirectory API, so there will need to be significant work to find a way to keep a common code base .... a much tougher problem, than "just getting it working", it can be solved with time, but I didn't budget time for an emergency rewrite of FileTree ... today.

| > It is likely that I will have to redo whatever hacks that are done
| > to get it running on Pharo-2.0 to be compatible with the rest of
| > platforms that I am supporting and doing it right takes a little
| > more effort ...
| >
| yes.. it is hard to keep up with moving target.. But i hope this is
| for good of us all (FileSystem ,as to me, is no doubt much better
| comparing to what we had before).

Oh don't get me wrong, I agree with the overall goals ... I actually think that renaming FileDirectory to ObsoleteFileDirectory (and keeping the implementation) would be a good compromise ... I can easily switch class names for the short term which then buys me time for doing a proper rewrite ...

| > So if you are just going to hack around to get things running on
| > Pharo-2.0 I guess I would have to say that I don't care what you
| > do, because the hacks don't make my job any easier.
| >
| > Dale
| >
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