[Seaside] Error in Seaside-REST-Core-Route - WARouteBuilder>>produces: method?

Tomas Kukol tomas.kukol at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 16:43:24 UTC 2012

Hi everybody.

I have found an error in WARouteBuilder>>produces: method in
Seaside-REST-Core-Route category in package SeasideRest version 0.22.

There is a following code:

WARouteBuilder>>produces: aString
	produces := WAMimeTypeMatch fromString: aString

I think that there should be this code:

WARouteBuilder>>produces: aString
	produces := WAMimeType fromString: aString

If I understand it well, WAMimeTypeMatch is used for matching of the
request. So it supports only "main" and "sub" from MIME, for example
"text/json", and not parameters after ";" character as in "text/json;
charset=UTF-8". In this case the parameters part "charset=UTF-8" is
lost when used in pragma "produces" in REST filter.

It seems to me that "produces" is used for response where the whole
MIME with parameters makes sense.

Am I right? Could you correct it?


Best regards,
Tomas Kukol

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