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Robert Sirois watchlala at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 28 17:16:59 UTC 2012

Here's my advice... create a simple test application and just mess around with the scriptaculous stuff, keeping in mind that Seaside is not scriptaculous - it's just a wrapper.
The functions you are using are all in the original JavaScript library ( http://script.aculo.us/ ), but with Seaside you are able to utilize them in Smalltalk instead of straight JavaScript. All the callbacks and everything make the server-client interaction really clean. It's a great way to output web pages and have a super powerful backend behind them. Any JavaScript library you use will be exactly the same way. Look at the source and then figure out how to make it work in Seaside. Pharo and other Smalltalk IDEs make it easy to browse classes, and there's a lot of scriptaculous examples already built ( http://demo.seaside.st/javascript/scriptaculous ).
After you get a test case built ( say, populating a select field from a text input ), then you'll find it a lot easier to add the next step ( ajax update to the server, then coming back to the client and populating the select field ).
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> > 
> > 
> > It looks > 
> > First of all, 
> > Also, callbacks are 
> > 
> Thanks kindly for your answer and recommendations - I have cleaned 
> up the code (paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/1172179/). It remains a mystery 
> of why the callback for the #onChange event does not execute; I have
> placed a 'self halt' in the callback and also output to the Transcript.
> As use the same the #renderTheListWith: on : method in the 
> callback, and the initial rendering. It could be possible, but I have
> not tried it to trigger the #onChange programmatically when the page
> is loaded and render the list via the callback.
> Eventually I would like to achieve the following scenario:
> 1. tabs represent the data for one type of loan.
> 2. A listbox A displayes a list of values dependent on the type of loan.
> 3. An input text computes via AJAX a price displayed in the input 
> text box when the initial selection in listbox A is rendered, and when
>  a selection is made in listbox A. I like to make the input text box 
> display like a slider with a price at its middle, the range dependent
> on the type of loan and the selection in listbox A.
> 4. A multiselect listbox B displays values obtained via AJAX according 
> to the type of loan, the selection in listbox A. The values selected 
> by default depend on the loan type, the value selected in listbox A, 
> and the slider in the input text box.
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