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Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 28 17:20:38 UTC 2012

I added this class method and executed it and what did not run now ran.

MyFirstComponent initializePT
     (WAAdmin register: MyFirstComponent asApplicationAt: #mfc)
         addLibrary: PTDevelopmentLibrary;
         addLibrary: SUDevelopmentLibrary;
         exceptionHandler: WADebugErrorHandler;
         preferenceAt: #rootDecorationClasses put: #();

without this, the scriptaculous updater has nobody to talk to.


On 8/28/12 1:04 PM, intrader wrote:
> Robert Sirois <watchlala <at> hotmail.com> writes:
>> It looks >
>> First of all,
>> Also, callbacks are
> Thanks kindly for your answer and recommendations - I have cleaned
> up the code (paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/1172179/). It remains a mystery
> of why the callback for the #onChange event does not execute; I have
> placed a 'self halt' in the callback and also output to the Transcript.
> As use the same the #renderTheListWith: on : method in the
> callback, and the initial rendering. It could be possible, but I have
> not tried it to trigger the #onChange programmatically when the page
> is loaded and render the list via the callback.
> Eventually I would like to achieve the following scenario:
> 1. tabs represent the data for one type of loan.
> 2. A listbox A displayes a list of values dependent on the type of loan.
> 3. An input text computes via AJAX a price displayed in the input
> text box when the initial selection in listbox A is rendered, and when
>   a selection is made in listbox A. I like to make the input text box
> display like a slider with a price at its middle, the range dependent
> on the type of loan and the selection in listbox A.
> 4. A multiselect listbox B displays values obtained via AJAX according
> to the type of loan, the selection in listbox A. The values selected
> by default depend on the loan type, the value selected in listbox A,
> and the slider in the input text box.
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