[Seaside] Submit form with scriptaculous - callback not called

squeakman squeakman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 15:39:56 UTC 2012


The code below is trying to have the form submitted when the user clicks 
on the text "Click here".

The onClick: submits the form (at least I think that is what the code is 

My problem is that the callback never gets called.  What am I doing 
wrong? (There are no errors reported by firebug.)

renderContentOn: html

(html form)
	id: #foo;
	   [(html paragraph)
		onClick: (html scriptaculous request triggerForm: #foo);
		with: 'Click here'.

	(html anchor)
		" this callback is never called"
		callback: [self answer];
		with: 'Done']

Many thanks,

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