[Seaside] Adding @font-face to a CSS style sheet in Seaside

Lawrence Kellogg mac.hive at me.com
Sun Jan 8 15:37:07 UTC 2012

  I'm trying to use the @font-face command like this one: 

@font-face { 
	font-family: Chunkfive;
	src: url('Chunkfive.otf);

from here: 


but I don't understand how to add this to my existing stylesheet. 
Do I use some attributes from the updateRoot: method? 

I have an existing stylesheet stored in a FileLibrary and I specify it in 
my updateRoot: method:
anHtmlRoot stylesheet url: UserFileLibrary / #myStyleCss

How do I generate the call to font-face to use the custom font that 
I have stored in a file library? 



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