[Seaside] What is the recommended setup to develop locally (on Mac OSX Lion) with Pharo and Seaside?

John Toohey jt at parspro.com
Tue Jan 10 04:28:01 UTC 2012

As Philippe mentioned, its very important that your production system
matches your development one. My current project involves Java
Servers, MQ Servers, Cache  Servers and Console Servers written in
Pharo/SeaSide. I develop mostly on OSX and deploy to Linux. Learning
the hard way, I finally came up with a system that allows me to
develop and deploy on *exactly* the same system, and allows me to
manage multiple projects, some dating back years.

I use Vagrant and VirtualBox to create Ubunti images on my laptop that
I use for development and then using the same scripts to deploy and
build production servers that match my local ones.

I wrote a short post about it here,
http://blog.meta-spaces.com/blog/2011/09/05/Vagrant/, but if you are
willing to spend a week building your own scripts, this approach will
pay itself back many times over. The script are all stored in a git
repo, so I can re-create any system whenever I need to.

I always server static files from nginx, and normally use Postgres as
my DB. Each of these servers runs in a VM, and are easily accessed
from Pharo. When I am working on something else, I simply spin them
down. For staging deployment, I use knife-solo on the same scripts,
and my servers are configured and deployed remotely (Normally EC2).

On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 14:06, Helene Bilbo
<thereluctantprogrammer at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> As long i was working without the possibility to upload files in my seaside
> application i just worked with the seaside one-click image. Now i wonder
> what is the best way to develop on a local machine when working with static
> files - when on the server where the application will run later it will run
> with apache like described in the book in chapter 22.3.
> 1) I read on the newsgroups that it is not recommended to work via RFB
> directly on the real server (where the application will run later).
> 2) Is the best option a local installation of apache? How do I configure it
> (on Mac OSX Lion)? Is it easy to migrate the application to the real server
> (where the application will run later) this way?
> 3) Is it a good option to let the Pharo/Comanche Server do the serving of
> static files while developing on the local machine? How do I configure it?
> What do I have to change when i start uploading the application to the real
> (where the application will run later) server?
> I know this has been asked on the newsgroups many times and there were many
> answers - but for a beginner like me with no prior experience in
> (web)developing thats the biggest obstacle up to now.. A small tutorial for
> this task would be very welcome on the seaside homepage or in the book.
> Best regards, Helene.
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