[Seaside] GRSlimeTest>>#run:do: question

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 22:47:13 UTC 2012

I'm made some Amber specific portability Slime rules using the 
Grease-Slime package as a model of how-to-do-it. They are here: 

In GRSlimeTest>>#run:do: After the RBSmalllintChecker runs the composite 
rule it checks the validity of the results by testing

		do: [ :each |
				assert: (rule = each or: [ each result isEmpty and: [ each changes 
isEmpty ] ])
				description: each name , ' should not report errors' ].

In Amber there aren't globals so each reference to 'Smalltalk' must be 
rewritten to 'Smalltalk current'. I've written two rules that address 
this: #AMSmalltalkGlobalRule & #AMSmalltalkToSmalltalkCurrentRule.

#AMSmalltalkGlobalRule compiles a list of the #references: to #Smalltalk 
and #AMSmalltalkToSmalltalkCurrentRule rewrites those references if the 
subsequent message send is not #current.

When running the test suite the above bit of code in #run:do: causes the 
tests for  #AMSmalltalkToSmalltalkCurrentRule to fail because 
#AMSmalltalkGlobalRule always has a result for the test as I've written it.

How can I rewrite the test for #AMSmalltalkToSmalltalkCurrentRule or 
rule for #AMSmalltalkGlobalRule so that it doesn't raise an error when 
testing another method?

I could always just remove the error checking mechanism.

Thanks in advance.


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